This site is a searchable database of oil filters for cars, trucks and other machinery. Filters from many brands can be found according to cross reference or a list of criteria. Use this site as a guide to locate potential part replacements but always confirm the specifications and applications with the manufacturer before use.

Q: Why use an oversized filter?

A: The benefits of using a larger filter than specified by the manufacturer are debatable, but are typically as follows:

1. Slightly larger sump capacity
2. Slightly improved cooling
3. More media, which itself provides several benefits:
3a. Less pressure drop across the filter and more flow
3b. Reduction or elimination of oil bypass, which allows unfiltered oil through your filter
3c. A larger capacity for dirt
3d. Increased service life for longer drain intervals

Q: Why use an undersized filter?

A: While generally not recommended, undersized filters may be the only option for modified or custom applications where clearance is an issue.

Q: What is filter efficiency and why is it important?

A: The efficiency rating of a filter describes its effectiveness in removing particles of a specific size. For example, a filter rated 98.5% at 20 microns will remove 98.5% of the particles 20 microns in size which pass through the filter. Over time, these particles can wear critical parts in an engine and reduce its service life.

Q: What are bypass filters?

A: Bypass filters are installed in addition to a vehicle's full flow filter. While typically found in large diesel trucks, they're sometimes added to passenger cars as well. They can be added using sandwich adapters, or by tapping in to an engine's sender port. Bypass filters are different from typical full flow spin-on filters in several important ways:

1. They handle a very slow flow of oil, much less than a typical engine requires to run.
2. They are more efficient, some rated at over 98% at 2 microns.
3. They can be very large.

While bypass filters may look similar to full flow filters and even have the same thread, they should never be installed in place of a full flow filter. Oil starvation or filter damage may result.
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